Keep the weather out under a pergola glass room

Keep the weather out under a pergola glass room

We all long for the time we can enjoy being on the terrace all day long, whatever the weather.

However, in the UK the strength of the sun can change during the same day. The rain and wind might materialise at any time. Without sun and weather protection we cannot enjoy the terrace. Worse when we have arranged for friends and family to pop round. In fact, before you know it, we're all packed into the kitchen. There's a perfect solution - with a pergola glass room you can enjoy sitting outside, adjust the blades to control sun and shade, close the glass walls and keep the wind and rain out. Extend the season and enjoy your terrace on spring mornings, autumn evenings and even throughout winter snows.

Pinela Deluxe motorised Retractable Roof Pergola with glass walls

The advantages of a Pergola roof 

With a Pinela Glass Room louvered roof you enjoy all the flexibility with regard to light, atmosphere and air circulation on your terrace. You can angle the blades to control the light, and close completely weather tight if it rains or snows!

With the push of a button on the remote control, you are completely in control. Because the panels can be opened, the warm air does not get trapped under the roof. If you choose to close the panels, you will be dry and completely in the shade. In short: you are in control of your outdoor life. Literally.

You may want to completely open space on your terrace. In that case, the Pinela Deluxe pergola glass room allows you to tilt the panels as well as slide them completely to the side, you can choose a covered terrace, an open space, or play with light and shade.

Pergola with automatic retractable louvre blades

Close the glass panels and be completely protected

Your pergola glass room comes with sliding glass doors. When you close the sides, you can enjoy your terrace even in bad weather, and you are protected from the wind even on sunny days. This way you can transform the veranda into a true garden room. You retain complete flexibility. Slide the glass doors to one side to enjoy the open space. Or slide them smoothly closed to enjoy protection against rain and wind. In comfort, as the warmth stays inside.

You determine the atmosphere

Add lighting and heating to be in full control so you determine the atmosphere any time of the day. 

Pergola with led strip lighting

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