How to Order your veranda or pergola from Express Pergolas

Our website is collected by product type on the main menu, and you can choose from

  • Open Verandas or Veranda Glass Rooms
  • Open Pergolas or Pergola Glass Rooms
  • Sliding Glass Panels
  • Windbreakers
  • Veranda and Pergola Accessories


Within each collections page there are several products, each offering a specific benefit. For example you may choose the Competitively priced Nebbiolo Veranda, or go for the Pigato Veranda with a glass roof, ultimate luxury.

Once you have the selected the model you want (say the Pigato), you will be taken to the product details page where you can then define

  • the colour, eg GREY RAL7024
  • the width and projection, eg 4060mm 3000mm
  • the roof material, eg Glass

We always check every order before processing, If you have any details that can help us help you, write them in the box and upload any plans or photos you may have.

That's it press Add to Cart. You can carry on ordering other items, such as accessories; led lights, infra-red heating. 

You can even add an installation service, if you are unable to assemble the product yourself or by your builder/landscaper.

Once you have chosen all your purchases, go to Checkout to complete the order.

PLEASE NOTE: we are here to help, some orders may be complex, you may have additional requests not shown here. We can create a bespoke order for you offline, and send the specification and invoice for your review. Once happy you can come back to the website to complete payment.