Tips on how to enhance your veranda or pergola with a modern style

Enhancing your pergolas modern style

If you are fortunate enough to own one of our verandas or pergolas, and want ideas to make the most of your covered terrace, here are some tips to create a modern style.

During the warm summer months, we tend to spend a lot more time outside, so it’s time to design or re-design your veranda with a cosy ambiance that will encourage you to spend more time on your terrace.


When furnishing a modern-style pergola or veranda, try to keep the overall aesthetics of the space in mind. To create a balanced and elegant look, choose furniture and accessories that are in line with the design elements of your home. Start by selecting a few key pieces of furniture, such as a comfortable outdoor sofa or armchair, a coffee table and outdoor poufs.

Veranda interior furnishings

Then, add some decorative accessories, such as decorative cushions that can freshen up the look of a space. Choose outdoor fabrics, because they are designed to resist sun bleaching and mildew. If you can’t resist using indoor pillows on your patio, simply keep a storage bench in a protected spot to keep them in, and they should last outdoors for a long time.

Add plants

Fresh, vibrant plants can transform the look and feel of your terrace, and it's a relatively cheap  investment so well worth your while. Plants will help make any space feel more like an outdoor space and can also help improve air quality. Plus they can also add some privacy to your veranda. Be sure to select healthy plants that are suited to the light levels of your patio, and don’t hesitate to ask your garden center for advice if you need it. 

Veranda with landscaped planting

Edging your terrace with plants will make your space more inviting and feel intimate. Planters filled with shrubbery make an excellent border. and helps define your patio from the rest of the garden.

Use an outdoor rug

An outdoor seating area instantly becomes more inviting with the addition of a rug. Define your dining area, with a rug that sits beneath the chairs when they are pulled out. Depending upon he layout of your seating area, go for a large rug that fits under all of your furniture or you could just place one beneath the coffee table and reach towards your sofas and chairs.


When the nights draw in, illuminate your veranda or pergola with beautiful lighting. Led downlights installed in the roof spars of your veranda is a simple, but effective way of adding lighting, and it looks rather good too.

Veranda downlights built into the spars

Our pergolas can come with stylish Led lighting strips which will fill your space with light. Dimmable lights help create the mood you are looking for, enhancing a feeling of warmth adding to the overall cosy atmosphere.

Pergola led lighting strips

Supplementary lighting such as Festoon string lights are great to hang if your celebrating an occasion outside, or look at Fairy lights which are more accent lighting to create a feature, Fairy lights around a tree are not just for Christmas!


There’s nothing more attractive than gathering round the flames of a fire on a cold, crisp evening after all it’s a primitive attraction hard-wired in our psyche. A fire pit is a natural design choice for outdoor entertaining and family enjoyment. It entices us to outside, especially on chilly nights and can be a great addition to your covered patio. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation and if your fire pit burns logs or gas we recommend placing your stove near, not under, your veranda or pergola.

Bio-ethanol Fire Pit for a pergola

There is an alternative that does not require a flue, burns clean, and can be used in an enclosed glass room or even indoors - the bio ethanol burner. Look at fire pits and fire tables from the MAD Design group. 

Bio-ethanol Fire Table

Alternatively, you can opt for an infrared electric patio heater. A wall mounted heater is a perfect choice for small spaces and is an effective way to keep you warm. We’re proud to offer heaters from Ecostrad the outdoor heating specialists.

Infrared heating to warm your outdoor spaces

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