Quality Louvered Pergolas with a modern style

How much does an Aluminium Pergola cost

In our experience it all depends on the size, quality, and features you want. Our research into the average cost of a standard size pergola is

Price of standard size Pergolas
Standard Sizes Type of Roof Average Price from Price per m2
4m x 3m Tilting Blades £9,600 £800
4m x 3m Retractable Blades £13,800 £1,150
4m x 3m Manual Blades £8,400 £700
5m x 3m Tilting Blades £10,800 £720
5m x 3m Retractable Blades £13,900 £930


There are many pre-made pergola products out there, and quality varies considerably. Choosing a pergola from respected manufacturer Deponti guarantees that it meets stringent structural requirements, uses high-grade aluminium, the latest motor drives and wi-fi controls and is made under quality-controlled factory conditions.

We can help you choose the right Deponti Veranda to suit your budget and style requirements.

  • Pinela Pergola¬†-¬†tilting blades that allow you to control the shade
  • Pinela Deluxe Retractable Pergola¬†-¬†blades that simply gather and slide out of the way
  • Pinela Manual Pergola¬†¬†-¬†affordable option with hand driven louvered blades

The usual extras include

Costs of Veranda Extras Based upon a 4m x 3m Veranda
Extra Position Average Price from Price per m2
Sliding Glass Panels Front elevation £2,000 £250
Privacy Panels Side elevation £1,300 £150
Solid Wall Panels Side or rear elevation £1,800 £230
Led Lighting Roof perimeter £1800 £160
Heaters (2kw) for 16m2 Rear wall £200 n/a


Installation costs

Deponti verandas are designed to be installed by a competent DIYer and come with full instructions. If you feel up to it or your landscaper or builder could install your veranda you could save further costs.

We offer an installation service on most verandas and sizes.

If I wanted a Bespoke Pergola design how much would it cost?

For bespoke pergolas, the costs increase significantly, but you can have an exact size or shape manufactured. The design choices and additional options that can be built-in are much greater than a pre-made pergola and your pergola will be unique to you. The quality of bespoke verandas would be at the high end.

The cost varies considerably and would normally include installation and survey, to be fitted by experts. Allow a budget of £1500 per m2 for a Pergola Roof, up to £2000 per m2 for a Pergola Glass Room with sliding glass walls, louvered shutters, inbuilt led(rgb) lighting and heating.

Bespoke modern pergola designs

Companies we recommend that offer a bespoke design service include UKVERANDA and if you want something truly special, say an integrated Pergola with Winter Garden extension then have a look at Glass House Architectures leading edge design and install services.

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