A pergola with automatic louvered panels provide sun, shade and fresh air

Why a pergola roof provides optimal comfort

On a summers day we all prefer to enjoy the sun on the terrace all day long.

However, sitting in the sun all the time is not desirable, especially on a hot summer day. If you don't have a pergola, you will unfortunately look for another place to cool down. In fact, before you know it, you'll be inside with an ice-cold glass of water to cool down. There's an answer - with the right patio cover you can enjoy sitting outside, and without any problems. You will enjoy optimum comfort, especially with a bio-climatic louvered roof. In this blog we will tell you why.

Pinela Louvred Roof Pergola wall mounted

The advantages of a louvered roof at a glance

Let's start with the operation of a louvered roof. It functions the same as the blinds that you know in your home: open the panels to let in light and close them to keep the sun out. The same principle also applies to a louvered roof. With a louvered roof you enjoy all the flexibility with regard to light, atmosphere and air circulation on your terrace.

You are in control

With the push of a button on the remote control, you are completely in control. Take our Pinela pergola for example. With this veranda you can play with the incidence of light yourself, because you can tilt the panels into the position you want. And not unimportant: because the panels can be opened, the warm air does not get trapped under the roof. If you choose to close the panels, you will be dry and completely in the shade. In short: you are in control of your outdoor life. Literally.

Open space

We can also imagine that you would like to have the option of creating a completely open space on your terrace. In that case, the Pinela Deluxe pergola offers a solution. With this louvered roof you can tilt the panels as well as slide them completely to the side. For example, you can choose a covered terrace, an open space, or play with light.

Pergola with automatic retractable louvre blades

Maintain optimal light in the house

With the purchase of a pergola, you will want to live outside for longer. At the same time, you want to maintain optimal light inside your home. If you use an awning the light entering your home is blocked, and that's a shame. That is why a louvered roof offers a solution. You determine the incidence of light yourself at all times. This way your home stays light inside.

You determine the atmosphere

The incidence of light influences the atmosphere of your terrace. With a louvered roof you can influence the ambiance. You decide in which angle you place the panels. Models such as the Pinela louvered roofs are adjustable up to an angle of 120 degrees. This allows you to follow the sun optimally, plus the blades will draw in and circulate the fresh air. It's called a bio-climatic environment and it does work. Add lighting and heating to be in full control so you determine the atmosphere any time of the day. 

Pergola with led strip lighting

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