Windbreakers, stylish protection for your terrace

Windbreakers, stylish protection for your terrace

Our modern glass windbreakers add style and protection to your terrace.

A stylish range of contemporary aluminium Windbreaks, beautifully finished and highly engineered make a transformative impact on your terrace.

As functional as they are elegant; simply click and the glass panel rises to give you further protection. They can be fitted with stylish planter boxes or why not choose the ultimate on-wheels option, so that you can place them where you want

Create a real statement

A glass windbreak is designed from panels of toughened glass and are the perfect solution for wind-exposed outdoor areas allowing you to make better use of your outdoor space.

Windbreaks allow you to define areas within your terrace. Don't confine yourself to a single open space, garden zoning is a flexible way of maximising your space to bring a sense of purpose.

You can use windbreaks to define entertainment areas, safe zones, viewing platforms and so much more. With the flexibility of our windbreakers on wheels the options to create a statement terrace are almost endless.

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