Complete your veranda or pergola with sliding glass walls

Add extra luxury to your veranda or pergola

If you're thinking of a veranda or pergola, why not take it a stage further.

You can create a wonderful glass room choosing sliding glass walls,to keep you protected in all weathers and open out your space on fine days. Want to entertain your friends and family in the evenings then add infrared heating to keep you warm and led lighting to create the perfect mood for al-fresco dining.

Veranda Glass Room with sliding glass doors

Glass Room with Sliding Doors 

Your pergola or veranda can be expanded with sliding glass doors. When you close the sides, you can enjoy your terrace even in bad weather, and you are protected from the wind even on sunny days. This way you can transform the veranda into a true garden room. You retain complete flexibility. Slide the glass doors to one side to enjoy the open space. Or slide them smoothly closed to enjoy protection against rain and wind. In comfort, as the warmth stays inside.


The sun is slowly setting, outside the sky is a beautiful cascade of colour. Slowly it gets dark, only lit by the moon, and before you know it you can count the stars. Nothing is more beautiful than enjoying an endless summer evening. Create the ambiance with dimmable LED lighting and set the mood for a beautiful summer evening enjoying the outside. Bring on those sultry summer skies.


You may recognise yourself in the following situation. You are in good company enjoying the summer evening. It cools down slowly, at a certain point it has cooled down so much that you are forced to return inside. Annoying, because it just ruins the flow of the wonderful evening. Equip the veranda roof with infrared heaters and stay in the moment. Infrared heaters are clever they warm objects (you) and not the air, this way you can enjoy a warm evening without interruption, even during colder months.

Ecostrad Cirrus infrared heater with WiFi control

Enrichment for the outdoors

With these advantages in a row, a veranda or pergola enriches outdoor living. Every season you enjoy being in the garden with every comfort. Would you like to see, feel and experience a this in real life? Take a look at the wonderful pergola and veranda designs that we have to offer.

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