The latest Luxury aluminium verandas and pergolas with a modern style

Introducing some New Products for 2024

Ultimate modern styling, the luxury veranda with a laminated glass roof

The Pigato glass roof veranda takes our high-end aluminium veranda to a new level with a laminated clear glass roof. You will always get perfect lighting, and can even enjoy the trees, birds or stars from under your veranda, giving it a sense of enrichment and pure luxury.

The Pigato Glass Roof Pergola is the ultimate luxury veranda, and there is the option to have sliding glass panels to create a glass room.

Pigato Veranda affordable luxury ultra clear roof

Choose the luxury Pigato glass roof veranda with sliding glass walls

Close the frameless sliding panels when the weather is bad, and still enjoy your terrace, protected from all weathers in all seasons. On beautiful Summer days, glide open the sides and let fresh cool air flood in.

Pigato Veranda Glass Room with sliding glass walls

Fiano Glass Panels - Perfect Weather Protection

Fiano sliding glass panels can be added to an existing space, your pergola and veranda to add more weather protection.

These glass panels are frameless so that you have uninterrupted views of your garden. Close them for full weather protection and still enjoy your garden on those bad summer days and keep at bay wind and driving rain in the winter. When it's nice simply glide them open and enjoy the fresh air.

Fiano Sliding Glass Panels on a Veranda with Keyframe above

The most versatile and stylish wind protection for your patio, with a great price-quality ratio

A new range of Windbreakers that offer the most flexible and stylish patio feature, whilst protecting you from prevailing winds. These windbreakers are highly engineered from extruded aluminium and are a flexible and stylish addition to protect you from prevailing winds. With one simple click the glass panel raises up to 1.9m tall, especially useful when the winds are strong.

The are several choices with the Windbreak in 3 widths width of 1, 1.5, and 2 metres and can be fitted with a Planter Box in aluminium, and for the most flexibility be set on wheels so you can position them where you want. 

Wind Breaker in glass and aluminium with integrated Planter on Wheels

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