A folding canopy veranda that opens at the flick of a switch

The advantages of a folding roof

Welcome to Spring!

The fresh air wakes us up to the Spring sun early in the morning sky. Birds are whistling, your garden is starting to bloom into colour and the joy of Spring races through your body. At this special time, the outdoors becomes our best friend. You may also consider installing a veranda or pergola on your terrace, to take advantage of this wonderful time whatever the weather.

We can imagine that you may still have questions, for example; ‘How does the roof restrict the natural light into my home’ and ‘Will I still have enough space to really enjoy the warming sun?’ In this blog we will give you the answer to this: a folding roof as a flexible solution that is more than worth considering.

Verdeca Retractable Canopy Veranda with LED lights

Our folding roof is a roof with a fixed aluminium frame and a water-repellent and sun-resistant canvas. You can easily open and close this cover. This type of veranda offers many advantages that we list for you.

Veranda and blinds in one

The first reason for choosing a folding roof is the flexibility, it is a covering and sun protection in one. This gives you plenty of choice; to enjoy the sun to the maximum you simply open the canvas and if the sun is too bright, simply close the canvas again. At the same time a closed roof offers you plenty of protection against the rain. So, you can sit outside, while you smell that lovely fresh spring rain. You can also relax and arrange everything with the push of a button on the WiFi remote control.

Verdeca Retractable Canopy Veranda fully open

No hassle, and a lot of style

You may recognise this situation; dragging a heavy umbrella or parasol around, what a hassle. If you have installed your parasol well and reinforced it with heavy stones before you know it the sun has already moved. With a folding roof, this is a thing of the past, especially by removing the hassle and unsightly look of a parasol. A folding roof therefore gives a stylish look to your home. In addition, you enjoy plenty of comfort due to the simple operation. You are in full control and the hassle of umbrellas is a thing of the past.

Weather stability

March, April, and May can be rainy months, after all we need our gardens to grow. The fact is that the English climate can be unpredictable. Good to know that a folding roof is wind and weather stable. It is therefore resistant to the strongest wind and stormiest weather. Essential for this is the use of the right materials that is why we use aluminium with weatherproof canvass, this ensures a sturdy construction. For example, take a look at our Verdeca Veranda with a built-in folding roof.

Possibilities to enrich your roof

A folding roof offers extra possibilities to enrich your outdoor life. With the addition of LED lighting in the beams of the fabric, you arrange the perfect ambiance. This way you can enjoy memorable outdoor moments long after the sun has set. And when you add the infrared heaters you make a wonderfully warm patio space enabling you to sit outside and enjoy the experience well into the evening.

Verdeca Retractable Canopy Veranda with LED lights for the evening

Convenience and low maintenance

Last, but not least, you do not want any hassle with maintenance, perfectly understandable. That is why we have developed our folding roofs with an aluminium frame and PVC cloth. Both materials are durable and easy to clean with a wet cleaning cloth, this way you can make the roof shine again in no time.


Do you want to know more about the Verdeca folding roof? Would you like to see, feel and experience a this in real life? Take a look at our Verdeca Canopy Veranda.

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