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Veranda attached to the house or freestanding?

A refreshing summer period when your garden comes to life. Time for green thumbs, blooming flower beds, and colorful vegetable gardens. And if possible, witnessing all of this under your (new) veranda. However, where is the best place to put this? Attached to the house? Or freestanding in the garden? We'll lay out the advantages for you side by side.

Verdeca Retractable Canopy Aluminium Veranda

Veranda attached to the house

An important reason for a veranda is to extend your living space and enhance your overall living experience. In such a way that it also strengthens your connection with the outdoors. An attached veranda provides exactly that. Without the hassle of an extension. Quickly achievable.

Below, we outline the five advantages:

1. Dry indoors and outdoors

People aren't made of sugar, of course. At the same time, our climate has an unpredictable nature. To sit in the rain... that's something else. With a veranda attached to the house, you enjoy the option of being sheltered from the outdoor elements while still relishing the open air. And all of this without having to dash to a freestanding veranda.   

2. Extension of the house

A veranda attached to the house is, as mentioned before, an extension of your residence: extra living space and a connection with the outdoors. Especially during the fresh spring days, balmy summer evenings, and pleasant autumn, you experience that outdoor world even more. In fact, life unfolds there. Ideally without television screens, with nature before you, in good company.

Giallo Veranda with ultra clear roof

3. Additional insulation for you home

A veranda attached to the house provides the retention of warmth or the creation of pleasant circulation. Especially in light of the rising energy costs, this is indeed a beneficial aspect to consider.

4. Fully garden room-ready!

A veranda attached to the house can be easily transformed into a complete garden room. This can be achieved by enclosing your veranda with glass sliding doors, aluminum privacy panels, or side panels. With a house-attached veranda, there's no need to enclose more than three sides. You create an inviting garden room that allows you to enjoy the outdoors every day of the year in an attractive manner.

5. Preservation of natural light

A commonly expressed concern about a veranda attached to the house is the potential obstruction of natural light. However, this does not have to be the case. You can opt for a veranda with glass roofing or one with a retractable roof. The Pinela Deluxe or Verdeca offer such solutions, giving you control over the amount of natural light entering.

Verdeca Retractable Canopy Veranda fully open

Freestanding veranda

Do you have a spacious garden? Then considering a freestanding veranda is worth it. It creates a different world, sheltered from the everyday life.

Benefits of a freestanding veranda:

1. Integrated with your garden

You can seamlessly integrate a freestanding veranda into your garden, placing it in the perfect spot that suits your surroundings. Additionally, you have the flexibility to set up the veranda according to your preferences. Whether it's for your jacuzzi or an outdoor kitchen in the heart of your garden, the possibilities are endless.

2. Maximum enjoyment of outdoor living

As the name suggests, a freestanding veranda is open on all sides. This provides unobstructed views of your garden and allows you to fully embrace the sun (when it's shining). Regardless, the open nature of a freestanding veranda enhances the sensation of outdoor living.

3. More distance from your home

Every advantage has its drawback. This could be the case with a freestanding veranda. Imagine inviting a group of friends for a delightful dinner at your place. The evening sun casts a beautiful glow, and the weather is pleasant. You decide to host the dinner under your freestanding veranda. It might require a bit more back and forth, but on the bright side, it's an extra step count on your pedometer.   

Ribolla Veranda for anywhere in the garden

Curious about the possibilities?

Whether you opt for a veranda attached to the house or a freestanding version, both options extend your living space while connecting with the outdoors. This enhances the value of your home and, more importantly, elevates your living experience.

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