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Modern Aluminium Garden Verandas If you choose an aluminium veranda you get class and quality, with modern designs to suit your style and budget, and durable finish with low maintenance.

Flexible Aluminium Canopy Verandas With a folding canopy roof, your terrace comes alive, open or close the roof with a simple press of the WiFi control. You decide how much sun or shade you want.

Luxury Pergolas with Motorised Louvered Roofs Decide how much sun and shade you like on your terrace as the roof is opened and closed by remote control. We offer louvered roofs with tilting or retractable panels.

Frameless Sliding Glass Doors Integrate sliding glass doors to your garden room, veranda or pergola and enjoy your patio all year round. They will protect you in any weather, open to allow fresh air to flow in.

Glass Wind Breakers Innovative windscreens that let you experience more of the outdoors whether there is wind or not. You can even add a planter with wheels, easy to move and set up anywhere.