Collection: Pergolas and Pergola Glass Rooms

Pergolas allow you to control sun and shade on your patio, and to keep the rain away. Our Pergola Glass Rooms with sliding glass walls offer full protection from the weather all year round, yet allow uninterrupted views of your garden.

Modern Louvered Roof Pergolas

If you choose an aluminium louvered roof pergola you get style matched with quality, with a choice of manual or motorised operation there's a price to suit your budget.

Luxury Retractable Roof Pergolas

Our retractable louvered roof pergola gives you the ultimate control, as the pergola roof can slide completely open to your corner of the sky.

Pergola Glass Rooms with Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

With sliding glass panels to the sides of your pergola create a Glass Room so you can enjoy your terrace all year round, protected in any weather.