Why Buy a Veranda or Pergola

When you add a pergola or veranda to your home, you create an outdoor space with an indoor style. They are perfect just to sit under and enjoy your garden and views, or invite friends round for dining or entertaining. You can add sliding glass walls which create a cosy weather proof space, no longer will you need to decant the party to the kitchen once it rains.

Your entertainment hub in the garden.

Not only are Verandas and Pergolas a great space to relax and wind down in, but great spaces for entertaining. Set up a garden kitchen under your pergola and your barbecue will never be rained out, under the shelter of a veranda the party keeps on going.

Ribolla Aluminium Veranda free standing with solid walls for privacy

A perfect shelter from the elements.

Shield yourself from wind, rain and even snow, by tilting the pergolas blades, close the canopy veranda or use sun-shield veranda roofing to limit the direct sunlight and avoid sunburn. You can keep your veranda nice and cool, even when the temperature outside is soaring. So siting on your terrace becomes comfortable, in all seasons and in all weather conditions. 

Pinela Deluxe motorised Retractable Roof Pergola with glass walls

Give your terrace or garden the wow factor.

All our verandas and pergolas are modern, stylish and can make areal statement in your garden or on the patio. Combine with windbreakers and planters to zone your landscape and create areas for relaxation, dining, entertaining and even safety zones.

Wind Breaker with planter

A seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

The perfect marriage of your indoors and outdoors, as you transition from your home to enjoy the garden. Verandas and pergolas allow a harmonious flow between your interior and exterior areas, and it feels as if you are enjoying nature without stepping outside.

Pigato Veranda Glass Room white interior

Connect with nature.

Even when you sit in your veranda glass room with the panels closed to keep out wind and rain, you can still enjoy unobstructed view of your surroundings. A veranda or pergola glass room is a wonderful place for plants and flowers to thrive in and you’ll have a serene and peaceful environment in harmony with your garden. With a canopy veranda fully open you can enjoy the night sky illuminated by led lights, and on colder Spring and Autumn evenings flick on the infra red heaters to keep you cosy and warm.

Pinela Deluxe Retractable Pergola wall mounted

A veranda or pergola will increase your home’s value.

Increase your appeal to buyers and set your home apart from other properties on the market, with an outdoor room. Garden entertainment spaces are increasingly popular requirement for prospective purchasers and there is non better than a pergola glass room. Installing a veranda or pergola is very cost-effective project and you will reap the benefits in terms of increased home value, the return on investment is significant.

Will I need Planning Permission for my Veranda & Pergolas

One concern when adding a veranda or pergola to your terrace may be the worry of needing planning permission. From our experience, very few verandas and garden rooms require planning as they can be carried out under you Permitted Development rights (PD).

There are some occasions when PD has been restricted or removed, these include Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is not always the case, for example some conservation restrictions might be to the front of the house, and we can check for you.

Flats and Maisonettes do not have PD rights and will require planning permission.

On the rare occasions where planning is required for the addition of a Veranda or Pergola, our experts with years of planning experience and very high success rates offer a survey and planning service.