All about Deponti Pergolas

With a DEPONTI louvered roof pergola, you decide how much sun and light you like on your terrace. The roof can be opened and closed with a remote control, which means that you are also dry during bad weather.

There are two types of aluminum louvered roofs; One with tilting panels and one with panels that can slide to the side. They are supplied in high-quality aluminum in a timeless anthracite colour. With the Pinela and Pinela Deluxe louvered roof pergolas, your terrace will become your own paradise every season.

Aluminum is a low maintenance material. The colour lasts for decades and does not need to be painted over. In addition, it is strong. The louvered roof can be supplied with all kinds of extra options and accessories. Together with Deponti you can create the terrace of your dreams.

Which pergola system is best for you?

Pinela Deluxe retractable louvered roof pergola - Enjoy the convertible effect in your own garden

A unique experience is guaranteed with the stylish Pinela Deluxe from Deponti. The panels of this veranda can easily be moved to one side with the push of a button. This gives you a completely open space above your terrace in no time. Allowing you to experience the ultimate outdoor feeling regardless of the weather.

In an open position, the Pinela Deluxe offers maximum light. When closed, the roof is perfectly resistant to various weather conditions and offers you shade on sunny days.

With the Pinela Deluxe you create an outdoor space with a modern design that offers protection against sun, wind, rain and other elements. This ensures you of an exceptional quality of outdoor living. The design of the panels is made with the latest in technology.

The synchronous moving panels offer you an open space of 79% of the total roof when you slide the panels open. In addition, the panels simultaneously press on the gasket of the integrated beams during closing and thus ensuring optimum insulation.

Pinela tilting louvered roof - creating the perfect light on your own terrace

Want to decide for yourself how you want to enjoy the sun and the weather under your veranda? Now this is possible with the Pinela veranda from Deponti. With the remote control you can easily tilt the panels in the roof to a different position. This way you have the control to play with the light, the shade and the airflow under your roof.

During the summer for example, you have the flexibility to either sit in the sun or take advantage of the shade. In the winter on the other hand, you will experience the benefits of the waterproof roof and the protection against all kinds of weather conditions! This allows you to enjoy your terrace during all seasons, all year round.

The Pinela has a durable and sleek design which makes this roof real addition to your home. With a remote control, the panels are easy to rotate into a position that creates the perfect light for you. Because the panels are continuously adjustable up to 120 degrees, you can even let the panels rotate with the sun! Thanks to the integrated gutter in the panels, any water accumulation is prevented and dirt is collected.

Now you can make your choice and be assured that you will get a highly engineered long lasting veranda that suits your style and fits your budget, which ever Deponti Pergola you choose.